Shehjar Community Resource Centre

HELP Foundation and SEWA, Ahmadabad signed an MoU to establish training & resource centres in districts of Kupwara, Srinagar and Gandarbal. This MoU was signed in year 2012 with the conditions that the two organizations will enable the women trainees to establish a district level association once they are collectivised so that they are made fully independent to run the organization of their own.
In year 2012, the very first such centre was established in Salkote area of Kupwara with around 250 girls who in different phases were exposed to SEWA model for women empowerment. The objectives of the programme are listed below:

  • To enable the final beneficiaries to gain full employment and sustainable livelihood through providing access to market linked vocational training. Full employment implies employment through which workers can obtain work security, income security, food security and social security for themselves and their families.
  • To organize single women, widows, young girls and destitute in District for economic empowerment and helping them to fight against poverty.
  • To build their capacity for economic self-reliance and provide support in establishing forward and backward linkages.
  • To bring in the needed technology and develop needed infrastructure to create livelihood opportunities for women in Jammu and Kashmir
  • To build a sense of enterprise among the poor and marginalized women and empower them to set up micro enterprises
  • To set up micro enterprises of women in the identified sectors 
  • Providing technical support in implementing Trainings to 13500 grass root women trainees of Kashmir on subjects identified in feasibility study and which have potential to provide income generating opportunities. 
  • Develop a cadre of master trainers by imparting training of trainers to 4500 women in J&K
  • To establish a sustainable training system which would ensure that the process continues to impact poor, marginalized women beyond the project period
  • Creating required supports and facilitations for raw material supplies, marketing, technology, finance and management to the women in J&K
  • Developing an environment of openness and exchanges of ideas and experiences; that will help in overall personality development of women in J&K
  • Over 1500 women trainees established Kupwara District Association with the aim to support other women in financial and economic independence.
  • A state of art production centre was established with over Rs. 10 lac production capacity is run and managed by marginalized women who attained training under the project.
HELP Foundation, J&K no longer supports the project, HELP withdrew its support to the project in Kupwara after three years in 2015, as per the MoU, after establishing district level Association of women workers. However,  SEWA continues to prove the technical support to the project.

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